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Strawberry Cheesecake - Definition

Strawberry Cheesecake - Definition

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Let Strawberry Cheesecake work its magic! This shake tastes like dessert but acts as an ally for weight loss. With frozen strawberries and cheesecake protein, you'll feel like you're enjoying a slice of cake without any guilt. It's sweet, creamy, and perfect for keeping those cravings under control! Each scoop of LIFE PRO contains 30 grams of protein

Valores Nutricionales

Valor energético: 188,17 Kcal /787,28 Kj
Grasas: 3,41 Gr
de los cuales Saturadas: 0,9232 Gr
Hidrados de carbono: 13,1 Gr
de los cuales Azucares: 8,71 Gr
Fibra: 3,39 Gr
Proteinas: 24,58 Gr
Sal: 0,1919 Gr

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