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Matcha Ice Cream Protein Shake - Definition

Matcha Ice Cream Protein Shake - Definition

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Add a delicious twist to your weight loss routine with Matcha Ice Cream! This shake is like matcha ice cream but without the extra calories. Made with the best vegan protein and a touch of matcha, it keeps you energized and happy. Burn calories while enjoying every creamy and refreshing sip! Each scoop of LIFE PRO contains 30grams of protein. Vegan option available

Valores Nutricionales

Valor energético: 174,62 Kcal /730,59 Kj
Grasas: 5,47 Gr
de los cuales Saturadas: 1,31 Gr
Hidrados de carbono: 5,32 Gr
de los cuales Azucares: 0,541 Gr
Fibra: 3,05 Gr
Proteinas: 24,5 Gr
Sal: 0,933 Gr

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