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Mango Maracuya Protein Shake - Deficit

Mango Maracuya Protein Shake - Deficit

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Travel to the tropics with Mango Maracuyá Fresh! This shake combines the sweetness of mango with the tanginess of passion fruit and the best protein. Perfect for those hot days, it helps you burn fat and stay refreshed. Enjoy summer in a glass! Each scoop of LIFE PRO contains 30 grams of protein. Vegan option available

Valores Nutricionales

Valor energético: 182,62 Kcal /764,06 Kj
Grasas: 1,37 Gr
de los cuales Saturadas: 1,16 Gr
Hidrados de carbono: 16,99 Gr
de los cuales Azucares: 13,08 Gr
Fibra: 1,07 Gr
Proteinas: 25,07 Gr
Sal: 0,1975 Gr

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