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Lilo Summer Protein Shakes - Definición

Lilo Summer Protein Shakes - Definición

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Live summer all year round with Lilo Summer! This shake is loaded with frozen blueberries and a powerful lemonade protein. It's like a dip in the pool for your taste buds while you work on your weight loss goal. Every sip is a party! Each scoop of LIFE PRO contains 30 grams of protein. Vegan option available

Valores Nutricionales

Para una porción:
Valor energético: 201,68 Kcal /843,84 Kj
Grasas: 4,31 Gr
de los cuales Saturadas: 0,8115 Gr
Hidratos de carbono: 13,14 Gr
de los cuales Azucares: 10,46 Gr
Fibra: 3,9 Gr
Proteínas: 25,63 Gr
Sal: 0,312 Gr

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